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Maccheroni Republic

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if you're downtown, it's really, really good. almost across the street from grand central market. Antonio Tomassi and Jean Louis DeMori. try the tripe soup.

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  1. I had never heard of it but it sounds great. I'm a big fan of Locanda Veneta:


    1. FED: What's good there? Any standouts?

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        i was pretty surprised. considering the price point, pretty much everything was good. some things were really outstanding: the gnocchi were amazing, the agnolotti and probably the tripe soup were the things that really rang my bell.

      2. Gave them a try a couple of times this week (once for lunch, once for dinner). I don't know... just wasn't crazy about anything I had.

        I'll stick to Colori on Figueroa. Also excited that Terroni is coming to downtown too... yes!

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          Having eaten at Colori,(both locations) Maccheroni, Cuccina Rustica (Wilshire and Fig) (several times) and having gotten talked into going to Terroni in DTLA last night, I gotta say, two starters, a split pasta, two drinks, and $90 later, that Terroni is at the bottom of that list for me.

        2. I've been hearing good things. Gonna try next week. If you're willing to travel just a bit, All'Angolo in K-town is very solid at a similar price point.

          4050 W 3rd St
          Los Angeles, CA 90020

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              These folks get great reviews. But, what's with the rolling pin?

              Authentic? I am not an expert.

            2. So Dommy and I went tonight for dinner and for the moment they are the victim of a really good LA Times review. In other words they were swamped. We saw 3 parties of 8-10 come through the door in the space of an hour along with the regular sized parties. It was so busy the security guard was filling in as the Maitre'd, bussing tables as well as keeping an eye on the street. We suggested he need a bow tie and he laughed.

              The food's pacing was good for us but the couple next to us wanting to be elsewhere, were becoming frantic as time ticked by.

              We started with the Antipasti The roasted veggies were good the olive oil and spices was superb.

              For the mains I had the regular Menu's Risotto with Osso Buco
              The meat was great, the sauce was fabulous and the rice was mushy. Two out of three ain't bad.

              Dommy had Agnoloti which opened horizons for us. who knew Balsamic went so well with pasta? but like with the risotto, the execution wasn't quite there. The pasta came out loose and flaccid sort of like wonton which had been sitting a tad to long in broth.

              We think the issues came about because the kitchen was slammed. We really want to go back on say a weeknight when they're not as busy to experience them at their best. We also hope that they can get it together when they have a mad rush, so the quality will be consistent as All Angolo, which we have come to love.

              Take care

              - P.

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              1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                i think it's important to appreciate Maccheroni Republic for what it is, not for what we would wish it to be. It's a very simple, very casual place that does good to occasionally very good food at an extremely reasonable price (almost everything under $12). it is not a replacement for Valentino. Best dish I've had so far is the tripe and it is great. others have been a bit hit and miss and the level of finish is not high.

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                  for obvious reasons, imho, it is tremendously unfair to expect a $12-a-plate place to be able to compete in any way with a $20-a-plate place in the same neighborhood.

                  1. re: westsidegal

                    In P's original post, we compared it to Al Angolo... which is very much in the same price range and style (Nieghborhood Italian Place that makes it's own pasta). We would never compare it to Valentino, Mozza or now Bocato.

                    In all fairness, we haven't been back. After a dispointment at Colori Kitchen last week, we may have to give Maccheroni another shot before throwing in the towel on DTLA Italian and retreat back to Al Angolo...


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                        We actually haven't tried Bestia, but I should have been clearer in that I was speaking more about Neighborhood Italian (which is why I would not compare Maccheroni to the other more upscale restaurants I mentioned). Further, Bestia is in the Arts District, not really DTLA so it would require us driving there (We prefer Public transit when going to DTLA) and if we were to drive, we'd just prefer to skip the $25 pasta and go to Al Angolo.


              2. Ooooooo, we went last Saturday night, and I really enjoyed the great food, attentive service, and fun atmosphere (we sat out on the patio). Chow included two apps, baby roasted artichokes, and an eggplant parmish dish, two mains, fettuccine with a duck ragu, and tortellini with spinach and ricotta. For dessert, we split a bread pudding which had a nice moist consistency and was made out of that Italian holiday bread (forget the name), and one espresso. I must say, especially with regard to the tortellini dish, that the pasta execution was impressive.