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Maccheroni Republic

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if you're downtown, it's really, really good. almost across the street from grand central market. Antonio Tomassi and Jean Louis DeMori. try the tripe soup.

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  1. I had never heard of it but it sounds great. I'm a big fan of Locanda Veneta:


    1. FED: What's good there? Any standouts?

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        i was pretty surprised. considering the price point, pretty much everything was good. some things were really outstanding: the gnocchi were amazing, the agnolotti and probably the tripe soup were the things that really rang my bell.

      2. Gave them a try a couple of times this week (once for lunch, once for dinner). I don't know... just wasn't crazy about anything I had.

        I'll stick to Colori on Figueroa. Also excited that Terroni is coming to downtown too... yes!

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          Having eaten at Colori,(both locations) Maccheroni, Cuccina Rustica (Wilshire and Fig) (several times) and having gotten talked into going to Terroni in DTLA last night, I gotta say, two starters, a split pasta, two drinks, and $90 later, that Terroni is at the bottom of that list for me.

        2. I've been hearing good things. Gonna try next week. If you're willing to travel just a bit, All'Angolo in K-town is very solid at a similar price point.

          4050 W 3rd St
          Los Angeles, CA 90020

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              These folks get great reviews. But, what's with the rolling pin?

              Authentic? I am not an expert.

            2. The original comment has been removed