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Dec 21, 2012 02:49 PM

Akvavit Jubilaeum to be found in Dallas?

Is there any? If so, where?! Desperately needing some for our Danish Christmas celebration!

Thank you!

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  1. I wrote to several email addresses in Europe, and received the following reply today (02-13-2013), from Arcus ( in Norway, which presumably makes and/or exports Jubilaeums, and can speak with authority about the availability in the US. I'm guessing the Aalborg brand has changed hands and they're deciding where the profits are (but this is just a guess)::

    "The future sales of these brands in the US is not decided yet. We will have to assess the market potential first and get a potential distributor interested, which cannot be handled overnight… So we kindly invite you to contact us again in 3 months when we have a better understanding of our US sales capability"
    --- Mariel Olson, Argos Sales

    ps: The importer used to be Absolut Spirits Co, here in NYC. I cannot find a website for them, but I doubt they have a reserve and in any case, they are not direct sellers.

    I am posting this same message on several threads about local availability regionally for Jubilaeums.

    Rob in NYC