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mayonnaise in sushi

how do people feel about this?

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  1. I've never heard of it, and certainly wouldn't want it in anything I've eaten at a sushi bar. I can't even imagine where you would use it.

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      I hate mayonnaise in sushi. A lot of the sushi places near me drizzle spicy mayo on many of their rolls. Why? Some places even give a soy sauce side dish of this spicy mayo to each diner, along with an empty soy sauce dish and another dish with ginger and wasabi. I usually hand the mayo dish back to my server. The thought of dipping my sushi into spicy mayo is simply disgusting to me. These are the types of sushi places that only offer a very small variety of raw fish, but specialize in wacky rolls and lots of cooked seafood and vegetable roll blends.

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        it is very popular in other places of the world. in the US it is rare to find places that make it.

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          Not so rare in the run-of-the-mill Japanese place in the US. They may not place a large blob on top, but it is probably blended in to a few rolls be euphemistically titled "spicy sauce."

          Although I can't stand seeing mayo (Kewpie, in particular...) being the almost literal pool that occupies many a gunkan (battleship roll) in kaitenzushi places, if it's very lightly (slightly?) mixed into some spicy tuna mixture, I eat it because I don't mind it. It may not be sushi (whatever), but it is food...

      2. I have no problem with the super spicy mayo in shrimp tempura maki at my local place. I have never been to Japan but guess is that I would not find this particular item in any "authentic" place over there.

        1. Kewpie mayo from Japan has been around since 1925.

          CERTAINLY not a new trend.

          You may not like mayo on your sushi. Fine.
          Order without.
          It usually comes on specialty rolls and is usually mixed with wasabi, sweet chili sauce or a varitey of options and gently drizzled on top.
          Do not like? Just say no when ordering.

          Others, including many if not a great quantity of japanese as well as Americans find it fine in or on certain rolls. Depeneds on the roll and restaurant.

          Plain mayo in or on a maki roll I have never seen.
          It is certainly not found on sushimi unless asked for as a side.

          Your disdain for a product does NOT mean that many, most or even some share the same views. Sorry. Life does not work like that.

          Sounds like you need to start learning to roll you own hand rolls and maki rolls rather than bitching to a forum full of folks that actually adore the stuff.

          To each thier own. Even you.


          1. Japanese people use a lot of mayonnaise. I personally find it revolting but many people really like it. I bought a McDonald's hamburger once in Japan where the mayonnaise layer was thicker than the meat layer.

            It's pretty common to use mayo as part of a spicy sauce on sushi. It's not true that it's not "authentic" but it's only used for some preparations.

            1. Isn't a california roll crab, avocado and mayo in a nori cone?

              And its not sushi, but spicy ahi is mayo and chili sauce mixed into poke.

              The one that gets me are the philadelphia rolls, which usually has salmon, cucumber and cream cheese, often prepared as an 'inside out' roll. To me the cream cheese overwhelms everything else, but I know some people feel the same way about mayonnaise.

              Fusion cuisine.

              1. Here's a link to a spicy sauce recipe using mayonnaise:


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                  After looking at this, I realize I've probably had it without thinking of it as mayonnaise. Not my usual fare, however.

                2. I'm not talking about a spicy mayo garnish but white mayo in the sushi rice

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                    So why the f&^* would you want or even enquire to want to put mayo in sushi rice? And I assume a hot sushi rice? And after ading rice vinegar, sugar, mirin and salt I assume?

                    Hot or cold final dish?

                    I love the mayo and Kewpie.

                    I'm not keen on where this topic is leading.
                    But not keen.

                    And I make and roll my own maki rolls several times a month.


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                      Travelling asian countries I developed an affinity for it and had a craving for it last night. I'm sure if I asked my local sushi joint they would accomodate but I was wondering if anyone else enjoyed it. Generally this was done with a cold dish and was a small, almost negligible amount of mayo that added a certain je ne sais quoi.

                  2. I normally give it a thumbs down, but when we get the broiled mussels at our favorite sushi place, the sauce on top is pretty damn good. And it's mayonnaise based, I don't know what else it has, maybe considered Spicy Sauce. Anyway, it's good.

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                      Raises the question of whether it is more important to be authentic or to taste good.

                      Is a hot dog on a roll with relish and yellow mustard verboten because they don't do it that way in Frankfurt?

                    2. The question is not mayonnaise in sushi, but "how do you feel about sushi in your mayonnaise?"

                      Most people use mayo as a crutch, and they use way too much of it until it becomes the dominant flavor in what they are eating.

                      The Japanese are very fond of it.

                      1. I see it all the time in Japan and other Asian countries - much rarer in the US. Interestingly it was popular in South American' Sushi places two years ago.

                        How do I feel about it - I like Mayo and am willing to try anything, the spicy mayo is a nice accompaniment for me but mayo rolls are not my thing.