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Dec 21, 2012 01:49 PM

Strongly flavored eggnog sugar cookies?

Have been reviewing "eggnog cookie" recipes, but they call for wimpy amounts of eggnog, like 1/4 c. Can anyone point me to a proven recipe for eggnog cookies that really pack the eggnog punch? Gracias.

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  1. I don't have any recipe suggestions but you can amp up the eggnog flavor by using an icing with copious quantities of dark rum and nutmeg. That way, those flavors won't be muted by the butter, flour, and sugar.

    1. Most egg nog cookie recipes I have seen don't call for eggnog at all or as you noted a scant amount. You get that true egg nog flavor from additional rum, vanilla and nutmeg.

      I am not a fan of eggnog but this recipe came in third in our company wide cookie contest. Not bad considering there were over 50 entry's.


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        Thanks, foodie. I especially like that there's eggnog in both the cookie and the icing. Will give these a test run tomorrow.

      2. like foodieX2 suggests, my version includes eggnog in the cookies and in the glaze. i also amp up the spices a bit with a little extra cinnamon and nutmeg.

        we've been saying all season we were gonna make more eggnog and jack daniel's cookies, but have yet to do so...

        if you're interested and not quite satisfied with your test run tomorrow, i'm happy to post my recipe as well.

        1. King Arthur sells an eggnog extract. I got some free in an order last year.

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            I have some eggnog extract, too, from Bickfords. Will add a few shots of it, too!