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Dec 21, 2012 01:22 PM

What are your favourite restaurants in Montreal? (includes 30 recommendations)

We've been living in Montreal for a long time and have tried a lot of different restaurants. These are reliable places that we like for quality of ingredients, authenticity, and value. We are not so concerned with fancy plating and expensive decor. Is there anything we're missing? Where do you keep going back to?

Bakeries: Guillaume, Mamie Clafoutis, Le Fromentier, Premiere Moisson
Brunch, Lunch, Burgers: Lawrence, Aux Vivres
Chinese: Restaurant Beijing, La Maison Kam Fung, Qing Hua Dumpling, and that old-school bakery in front of the buffet with the long porch and awning on the north side of de la Gauchetiere in Chinatown.
Coffee: Cafe Olimpico, Pikolo
French: Laloux
Ice Cream: Meu Meu
Indian: Bombay Mahal
Italian: Cafe Via Dante, Il Cortile
Japanese: Isakaya, Kazu, Tri Express
Korean: La Maison Bulgogi
Pizza: Bottega, Pizza Napoletana
Pizza Delivery: St. Viateur, Double Pizza
Poutine: La Banquise
Quebecois: PDC
Thai: Phayathai (Guy location - ask for no MSG)
Tibetan: Om
Vegetarian: Aux Vivres
Venezuelan: Arepera du Plateau

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  1. Some other places you might want to consider.
    Amelio’s for their vegetarian pizza
    Andalo's for manakish
    Binerie Mont–Royal for the beans and traditional Quebecois food.
    Brisket's for the Pig's Knuckles & Smoked Meat
    Daou for the family style Lebanese
    La Flammée for the flammekueche
    Marchigiani for the sandwiches
    Nostos for the grilled chicken
    Chez Nouri for the shamis
    Nouveau Palais for hipster goodness
    Pataterie Chez Philippe for the Zeke
    Pho Lien & Pho Bang New York for the Tonkinese soup
    Pierrette Patates for the michigo
    Smoked Meat Pete's for the blues
    Tous les jours for old school goodness
    And Zee Grub for the BBQ

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      Wow, that's great, I have heard of Amelio's, Nouveau Palais, and Pho Lien on that list, but have never been to any of them. Thanks!

    2. One of the best bakeries I find is the one in the East End. Maitre Boucher on Monkland and Copie et cie in Verdun (Wellington and 2nd) both carry their breads. I also like Banette on Sherbrooke in NDG.

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        1. re: Glaff

          Yes, sorry I had forgotten the name. Love their specialty breads!

      1. My favourites:
        Ferreira Cafe
        Osteria Venti
        Patisserie de Gascogne- realize it doesn't get mentioned much on this Board, but I like stopping there for a coffee and a pastry.
        Hope to try Patisserie Rhubarbe on my next visit.

        1. That's a very good list. I'd add Co'pain d'Abord and Kouign Amann to the bakeries, Little Sheep Mongolian Hotpot to Chinese, Cafe Neve to coffee, Les Givres to ice cream, Sabor Latina to the latin American instead of the Areperia, Chuch and Su Shian Yuang for vegetarian, Patati Patata and Poutineville to poutine, and I second Amelio's for pizza. I'd probably add Lallouz and Trippe de Bouffe for Lebanese snacks. Pho Tay Ho and Pho Bang New York are also places we go back to.