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Dec 21, 2012 01:15 PM

What happens to the gross looking plates of display-food in deli windows?

My local multi-deli has pizza, felafel, philly cheese steaks, salads, juice, etc..., and every day they have all this stuff in the window, on plates covered with sweaty plastic wrap so passers-by can examine the offerings.

Somebody takes the time to arrange the wilting garnishes on each plate, and the results look kind of touching, if not particularly tempting.

Does the deli chef prepare the display anew every morning? Is there some special fast food science to making a model open-faced philly sandwich that'll keep its not-so-good looks through a whole day in the spotlight? And does someone finally eat them?

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  1. Nobody eats them they get thrown out. They are for display only.

    1. This post really belongs on the NYC board, because the deli species mentioned is so specific to Manhattan. I'm not saying delis like this don't exist anywhere else, but there are more here than anywhere else, and by a wide margin.