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Dec 21, 2012 01:04 PM

Higuma Redwood City found the food fine but frustrated with everything else

So on this somewhat rainy afternoon a bowl of spicy ramen sounded good. I typically don't carry much if any cash on me and can understand a place requesting a $5 minimum purchase to use your credit card but $15 just seems high. I noticed they also posted signs for $8 minimum purchase at lunch and $10 minimum at dinner. The table next to me had paid for their lunch and were just finishing up, when the server came over and requested that he sign the receipt (mind you the bill had not been on the table for more than a few minutes). The final frustrating thing occured when I asked for a container for my left over ramen and sushi, only to be told that containers now cost .75 cents each. I enjoyed Higuma but to me this just makes dining out feel like a hassle rather than a pleasant experience and would rather spend my money elsewhere.

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  1. $15 minimum is actually pretty low in my experience. The standard seems to be around $20. That is pretty bad for them to be pushing the check on people and charging people for to go containers is just plain cheap. Definitely never heard of that before.

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      It just felt inhospitable. If you want to charge for the containers just raise the least that makes more sense to me. If having a credit card machine is such a drain on the restaurant make it cash only.