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Dec 21, 2012 12:19 PM

Æbleskiver on Induction Cooktop?

Anyone has experience using cast iron Æbleskiver pan on induction cooktops? I saw one on Amazon with concave button and the description claim it works with induction cooktops. I'm a bit skeptical about the claim.

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  1. I have this exact same one and it works on my Miele induction.

    1. I don't have induction but I do have the Lodge æbleskiver pan and really like it.

      1. I have an aebleskiver pan, but it's not Lodge. If it looks anything like what I have I can't imagine there is enough contact area, but perhaps it doesn't take much.

        1. Bought one to try after hearing some success stories, but unfortunately it doesn't work on my induction stove. My induction cooktop shuts itself off when pan is not detected.

          1. Well, I'm sorry. :-(

            Do you mind letting us know which induction stove you have in case someone search for an answer in the future and stumble upon in this thread?

            I brought the pan over to a friend's house during Christmas and it worked on their Electrolux.

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              I'm glad it works for you.
              I have a Samsung induction range. It is bit aggressive in detecting (or not detecting) pan size and contact surface. I know the sensitivity is adjustable but that requires a service call or I'll have to open up the range myself.