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Dec 21, 2012 11:58 AM

Sugar Factory or Max Brenner

We are going to see Mystere at TI on Christmas night and want to go out for dessert afterwards. Looking for somewhere relaxed and comfortable where older children will not be out of place. So far it seems The Chocolate Lounge inside Sugar Factory in Paris and Max Brenner in the Forum Shops seem to fit the bill.

Can anyone recommend one over the other....or suggest somewhere else?


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  1. I realise this reply is late, but my wife and I enjoy Max Brenner. Where did you end up?

    1. Yeah, Max Brenner is the best chocolate spot I have been to in NYC by far.

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        OMG! Next time you're in NYC you need to try some of our real chocolate spots: Maison du Chocolat or Jacques Torres. Other than the Italian hot chocolate, I find Max Brenner to be definitely skippable.