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Second Hungry Mother Coming

Today's Globe mentions that Hungry Mother is opening a second (and different) place:

The owners of the popular Hungry Mother restaurant in Cambridge are preparing to open their second restaurant, a Jewish deli with modern touches. It may be across the street from Hungry Mother, at the One Kendall Square office and retail complex, although a final location has not been selected. Hungry Mother will remain in its current location.

Rachel Miller Munzer, part owner of Hungry Mother, said the deli will feature smoked meats, cured fish, and other classics with some modern flourishes. As at the existing restaurant, all of the offerings will be made in-house.

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  1. Oh my, that's good news!

    1. will it be called jewish mother?

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          If not, they'll probably change the name is they read this thread. Brilliant.

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            Was it the Eater post that suggested Hungry Bubbe? I like that even better. Me, I'd call it Babushka.

          2. Oh please let it be in One Kendall. Square.

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              That would be a terrific location, and what a great name gourmaniac!

              1. Wow! Could be a gold mine for them. I don't think there is a good Jewish deli in the city!

                1. Mr.MM and I were just at Rein's in CT and discussing the dearth of good deli anywhere outside of NYC, where even there, it's on the descent. I hope this isn't apocryphal.

                  1. If they can do smoked/cured fishes and pastrami right, there will be no stopping this place, but takes a real commitment to do those at the highest level.

                    1. I'm a big fan of zaftigs which has great jewish comfort food, with huge portions and reasonable prices. I'm assuming this will be more expensive. The question is how much more and will it be that much better than Zaftigs, or my Bubbie's? Definitely much needed in the city and I can't wait to try!

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                        When Zaftig's, which is mediocre at best, is a city's best option for Jewish deli, that city needs better Jewish deli immediately.

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                          Zaftigs is, as my mother-in-law says, feh. Or better yet, my grandma used to say, meh.

                        2. It's a very interesting decision coming on the heels of how much they struggled with the bbq/lunch thing they were doing last year. They've admitted that didn't work as well as planned, so opening a second place is quite ballsy on their part.

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                            as I recall, the BBQ lunch thing was hardly advertised at all. Maybe they spread the word among the dinner patrons, but I'd bet most of them don't work in the area. We tried it once, the BBQ was better than Redbones, in my opinion, by far (I'm from NC), but not worth the price. Whereas a new storefront making their own Jewish deli products...as opposed to just sandwiching or cooking together the products made by others widely available...I would think would get lots and lots of press.

                            But I also wonder if Kendall is going to reach a saturation point soon, with all the new openings.