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Dec 21, 2012 11:11 AM

Eating on Christmas, not Christmasy

This will be our first time in Seattle on Christmas, which we don't celebrate. I assume Chinese restaurants will be open, but other than that, are there cuisines or specific restaurants (particularly Asian, but we're flexible) where we might be able to eat Monday and Tuesday nights? What we don't want is special Christmas dinner....

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  1. Blueacre will be open on Christmas eve and they have great seafood and are not doing anything really special for Christmas Eve

    Many of the area's local Chinese establishments will be open on both Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

    Café Presse is also open Christmas Eve and would be a fun choice

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    1. re: PaqpIn

      Cafe Presse is only open until 2pm on Christmas Eve, and not at all on Christmas Day.

      1. re: terrier

        I'm only thinking about Christmas day....

    2. I am positive I've eaten Vietnamese in the ID on Xmas--I think at Huong Bihn.

      1. Your question comes on short notice and seems a bit vexing to me.

        If you are visiting, and staying in a hotel (right?) hotel restaurants will serve their guests. If you prefer Asian food, head to the international district and explore.

        Really, if you don't celebrate Christmas, just relax, have room service, and eat well on the 26th.

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          Not all hotels have restaurants, and not all hotel restaurants are good.

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            Vexing? I live here. Just wanted to have an idea of what was open before we set out. When it's raining I don't like wandering around hoping to find an open place.

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              Vexing? Now even more so. You live here, but it is your first Christmas in Seattle? Can you see how we (or at least I) may have assumed you would be visiting from out-of-town, given the wording of the op?

              I sincerely hope you found a good non-celebratory meal.

              1. re: Gizmo56

                I have lived here two years. Was out of town the first two Christmases. Still not sure why the question would be weird even if we were visiting. Jews eat Asian food on Christmas—it's what we do! We decided to get takeout in the ID and I'm glad we didn't walk around exploring, because I had to call seven places before I found one that answered.

                We settled for Henry's Taiwan, which was so-so. The reason for my query was that I hoping for something less greasy for my guests. But we'll live....