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Dec 21, 2012 10:40 AM

Shortening in chocolate chip cookies

I'm planning on baking chocolate chip cookies and the recipe I have calls for shortening. I have no other use for it and don't want to waste food so can I use butter instead? The same amount of butter as there would've been shortening? Many thanks

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  1. I always sub out butter for shortening (same amounts) with no problems whatsover. Just make sure it's at room temperature.

    1. Shortening gives you a fatter cookie; butter will spread it out a bit, and imo, be much tastier.

      1. Yes, you can use butter, but your cookies will be thinner.

        I use half and half - butter and shortening -- gives great flavor and nice structure.

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          This is what I do - I like slightly thicker chewy cookies, not crispy and thin.

          1. re: chefathome

            and do mind the weather -- we had a grey, drizzly day yesterday, and my cookies came out paper-thin, even with the 50/50 mix -- the humidity will flatten your cookies significantly.

            Better to bake on a dry(er) day if you can -- but this time of year, waiting for nice weather is't always an option....

            1. re: sunshine842

              Good point. We've had a very rough and cold winter already (-20C consistently for ages already) and that can affect baking as well. I must bake gluten free and that is yet another factor...

        2. Ok, butter it is then. Thanks!

          1. For next time, I buy the shortening that comes in foil wrapped packages. I think there are three. Like butter, there is measurement lines on the package so you can cut off what you need. Much more practical for me than buying a can of shortening.

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              absolutely -- easier to measure, and it keeps very well when you keep the unused portions sealed in the package.