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Dec 21, 2012 09:40 AM

Best place to buy quality packaged XO sauce in Hong Kong?

Will be buying a jar or bottle or two for gifts to bring back after a trip.

What's the best place for this? Lei Gardens? City Super?

Or some higher end restaurant like Fook Lam Moon, Yan Toh Heen, Chairman, Tim's Kitchen, or gourmet sauce shop? Not looking to spend a fortune, but don't want the el cheapo stuff either.

On a side note, is there anywhere else I can purchase the local HK chili sauce Yu Kwun Yik without schlepping to Sai Ying Poon?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hoping someone can answer these questions for me now. We are in HK and spent yesterday looking the chili sauce with no luck. Any chowhounders know where to find it? We are staying near Admiralty.

    Thanks in advance !!!

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      For non-locals and sheer convenience, give the supermarket 'Taste' at the lower level of Pacific Place a try! If they don't have them, take the MTR to Causeway Bay and try out 'City Super'. Also, most 'Dried Seafood Emporium' should have them..

      1. re: Charles Yu

        The food hall in Pacific Place is called "Great", CitySuper in a times Sq may be good or else the Sogo basement in Causeway Bay could be a good bet - lots of very interesting food. But that said wander around the streets near Wan Chai wet market (between Quenns Road East and Johnson Rd).

        1. re: PhilD

          Thanks! We have looked in Great. Found some chili sauce just not the brand the op was asking about. Will try heading out to Causeway Bay today

          1. re: PhilD

            I love GREAT! The prices there tend to be a bit higher than elsewhere, but its variety is stupendous. Used to be my go-to place before CitySuper came along.

        2. re: rosepoint

          Thanks everyone. Still can"t locate the Yu Kwan (?) yik brand Chili sauce. Any ideas or recommendations for another brand?

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            I think the safest thing to do is to catch a cab from Sheung Wan to get to Yu Kwan Yik's store in Sai Ying Poon
            and buy the chili sauce straight from the source. Not sure if I have anymore room in my suitcase, as that too is on my to buy list :-/

            香港西營盤第二街8號地下 Sai Ying Poon 2nd street #8 ground floor.

            According to their facebook page,they are closed today (Sunday), otherwise M-F 9 am to 5 pm and Saturdays 9 am to 4 pm.

        3. I was strolling around Wanchai a few days ago and found a source, at Wing Wah. It's right next door to Joy Hing.

          Pat Chun in Central (famous for their sweet vinegar) sells it too, if I remember correctly. Tho the catch is that there is some Jinghua Chinese ham bits in there that might cause US customs to frown. I think I saw Lee Kum Kee brand, but that's available in the USA.

          I also believe I saw in a magazine that Lung King Heen sells it too. I will check CWB's Lei Gardens or call and ask, that's probably a safer bet.

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          1. re: K K

            Thank you. We are heading back to Wan Chai tomorrow to drop off some laundry and we will drop into Wing Wah and look for the sauce.

            1. re: rosepoint

              You know what, skip Wanchai. Go to Lao San Yang in Causeway Bay. It's right next to Tai Ping Koon. It's major Shanghainese grocery foodie haven in there. I just came back from there and waltzed into the Apple store at Hysan to write this. Lao San Yang (Lo Sahm Yeung) has a house made XO sauce that's loaded with goodies...granted XO sauce is Cantonese in nature, but this version appears to be really luxurious....Shanghai hairy (mitten) crab roe, mixed in with chills, convoy, and Jinghua ham. The best part? It only has the logo, no label of ingredients. HK$108 a jar. It can pass off as vegetarian chili sauce from a glance. I might end up getting this one in a few days and be done with my quest (versus trying Lei Gardens or Lung King Heen).

          2. Just asked a very knowledgeable and respected friend what he recommends. He likes the ones made by Tang Court and Man Wah. I might explore those options as well. Lei Gardens Causeway Bay Times Square sells them for $128, has Jinghua ham on it, lasts about 6 months unless you refrigerate.

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            1. re: K K

              I've always liked the XO sauce that they give you as a side in Xi Yan's private kitchen in Wanchai. I think they sell them too for a reasonable price (70 or 80 hkd per box). If you are around you can probably ask them for a tasting hehe

            2. i like the XO sauce at Fu Sing, they sell jars of it at the front and everything from that restaurant is great


              1. Hope you are NOT bringing them back into the States? Since the good ones very often contain 'Chinese Ham'. Its a custom No-No!! Check to see whether they are mentioned on the label?
                Also, the 'made-in-house' ones from fine Chinese restaurants are not 'commercially packed and sealed'. Those noses of the custom Beagles will for sure smell them out!!! Hate to see them being thrown away!!

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                1. re: Charles Yu

                  yah thats actually why i didnt bring any back with me

                  1. re: Charles Yu

                    You guys are funny!

                    Yes and very much unfortunately the packaged XO sauces with proper boxes do list the ingredients and Chinese ham is one of them. Even Lei Gardens, Pat Chun etc. The Lee Kum Kee brand available in Hong Kong, can be found in most Chinese supermarkets at least in Northern California, but that's not special enough.

                    The XO sauce at Man Wah is very pricey, $200 ish for a small and $300 for a large, and while the container does not appear to be labeled, it does not look like it would necessarily survive a suitcase trip if packed improperly. On top of that, it can only keep for a week or so, since it has no preservatives.

                    I ended up buying two jars from Lao San Yang 老三陽 and luckily made it through....oh heck I think I could have gotten away with a whole Jinghua ham leg too... or zongzi with Jinghua ham for that matter from the same shop


                    The best part is that the jar only has the LSY brand sticker on it, no label of ingredients. :-)

                    1. re: K K

                      Love this place!! Have you tried their 'Whole Duck Gizzards' snacks? Flavourful and chewy. Lovely to munch on!!

                      1. re: Charles Yu

                        The salesman at the store was so much fun to talk with, gave me a run down of the store and the offerings, and let me take all the digital shots I wanted to of the 8 types of Shanghai mitten/hairy crabs they had for DIY at home. Tried to upsell me these Shanghainese snacks that had last Qing Dynasty Empress's mugshot and mention in it (forgot what they were), and even let me smell their premium Yunnan matsutake mushroom box (amazing fragrance). It's definitely heaven in a store in there.

                        1. re: K K

                          ohh i originally just wrote that i haven't been to this place, but now i know which place this is looking at the picture, it used to be like right across the street from Times Square in Causeway, I remember walking in and looking at their hairy crab and hams, but it was gone last time I was there, so i figured it closed, but looks like it just moved according to openrice