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Dec 21, 2012 09:23 AM

San Marzano Tomatoes

Martinotti's has a great deal on authentic San Marzano tomatoes if you buy them by the case. I ended up paying about $3.00 less per can than what I pay for the exact same brand at City Market.

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    1. I think it is Italobrand, or something similar. I'll have to check the cans in my cupboard. Whatever the brand, I know they are authentic San Marzano from the Salerno region.

      1. Sheridan's sells a HUGE can of San Marz tomatoes. It seemed like a screaming deal when I spotted it. I will go by there and repost with the brand, size and price.

        1. I know Sheridan has giant (128oz ?) cans from Cento, but I'm not sure of the cost. How much are you paying fat city market per 20oz can? They're 4.99 at Sheridan, and that's the only kind of tomato I can make marinara with that my girlfriend will eat.

          1. City Market is charging $7.50 and it worked out to a little over $4.00 a can at Martinoti's. The brand is ItaloBrand (which is better than Cento IMHO), which is authentic San Marzanos from the Campagnia region (just outside of Salerno, actually).

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              Ahh. I haven't tried italobrand, but Centos san marzanos claim to be prepared and verified by two separate third party sources in the Salerno region. Then imported by cento. My guess is that the two brands are selling the same product. Anyway a 90oz can is 9.99 at Sheridan, which comes out to about 3.33 per 28 ounce can. Either brand, buying on bulk makes a huge difference.