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Dec 21, 2012 09:00 AM

Vegetarian-Friendly Korean in K-Town?

Looking for a place in K-town to accommodate 4 carnivores and a vegetarian this weekend. 2 of the carnivores have never eaten Korean food, so I'd like to expose them to the full panoply of Korean food (which rules out Hangawi). Can't recall if Kang Suh or Kum Gang San have decent vegetarian options on their menu. Anyone know of a good place? Thanks!

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  1. Cho Dang Gol is vegetarian friendly (they're all about the tofu) and also has barbecue, bibimbap, etc.

    Kang Suh pissed me off royally on a recent visit by serving me a seafood soondubu that contained no seafood except for crab stick (the menu described the dish as containing "assorted seafoods and shellfish"). I kicked up a fuss and got a replacement bowl, but I'm not going back.

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      Oh, perfect. I've been there, but had forgotten how much tofu they have. Thanks!