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Dec 21, 2012 08:49 AM

Regional 98 & bway anyone have thoughts?

dinner? thx

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  1. Mediocre food with small portions, and truly awful service. I've been a few times as I live 3 blocks away, hoping it would improve--disappointed every time.
    For quite good Italian food in the neighborhood, try Gennaro's on 92nd and Amsterdam.

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    1. re: strangemd

      Wholeheartedly agree. We love Gennaro too. There's also now a Numero 28 (the old Lisca space on Amsterdam). We went once and enjoyed ourselves very much. Service was a bit "over eager" but I suppose that's because they had just opened.

    2. second the mediocre vote... i went once. And never again, and we lived only a few blocks away.