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Dec 21, 2012 07:50 AM

Sunny Isles and surrounding area...need rec's

Not that familar with the area as I know south beach/miami beach areas much better. Will be in the area for the Holiday/NYE with some girlfriends. What do you recommend for a NY'r who knows good food. Looking for some good recommendations. From a hole in the wall to upscale. Good food is what's important. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Any cuisine other than sushi.

What can you recommend.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Bourbon Steak is a must do. One of best in Miami.
    Timo does a good job and is in the area.
    Makoto for great sushi. oops just saw no sushi. I'll leave for future readers looking in area.
    Yakko-San for great Japanese Tapas. Sushi not as good. Make sure to check out their daily specials board.
    Chef Philip Ho does outstanding dim sum. Push carts on weekend mornings.
    J&G Grill at the St Regis does very good lunch and dinner along with brunch on weekends.

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    1. re: The Chowfather

      What about king's county pizza and panya thai? Never been to either but you recommended them in the past...

      1. re: tpigeon

        Yes both are best in breed for sure just a tad outside of the Sunny Isles area. I;d also toss in King Palace for their BBQ roast pork. Great stuff.

      2. re: The Chowfather

        +1 for Bourbon Steak. Had yet another excellent dinner there last night. The service was, as always, impeccable, and the food top notch.

      3. Head a little south, to Surfside, to Josh's Deli, for home cured pastrami, corned beef, salmon, turkey. Amazing tastes and flavor from a dictionary-defined hole-in-the-wall.

        For superb seafood, in a hole-in-the-wall setting, Captain Jim Hanson's, at 129th and South Dixie Highway can't be beat. Fishmonger in front, and divey restaurant in back staffed by people that know how to prepare their fresh fish.

        For fine French dining, Petit Rouge, on Biscayne near 125th Street, will not only make you feel like you're in France, but that you know the family cooking for you.

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          We too will be (back) in Sunny Isles for 7 weeks(yay!!!)...thanks for all 3 of your recs...haven't been to any of those and will certainly go....we have been going to The Southport Raw Bar and also to Asia Bay(sushi)...a bit of a drive but both have been excellent!!

        2. great, thank you so much!

            1. Timo's( mid price)......Il Mulino (expensive)