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Dec 21, 2012 07:02 AM

Tortilla wrap on George Foreman without turning into a pancake

I love a quick lunch and have recently been into grilled tortilla wraps thrown onto the George Foreman for quick and easy meal. However, I hate that they turn into a flat pancake. Is there a way to heat up a tortilla wrap on nice and crispy with a cast iron and without all of the stuffings falling out? Thanks.

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  1. roll it like a burrito and put that in your hot cast iron.

    or you could buy a panini press, which is height adjustable in a sense.

    1. Why not insert an old tablespoon along side the tortilla wrap in the George Forman grill? This would prevent the grill lid from pressing all the way down and squeezing out the fillings.

      1. I used to find something that was just the right height and rest the top handle of the grill on it so it could only go down so far, and thus not over-squish whatever I was grilling. Think tins of soup, etc.

        Guess this would depend on the model of your foreman grill as to whether you could do this, i.e. whether the handle sticks out far enough past the bottom plate.

        1. idea: make quesadillas instead!. i did that yesterday.

          ok, it was an untraditional one because i split apart the pita bread i had, and then used leftover new york strip steak and provolone, with some horseradish…..

          but…you get the idea.