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Dec 21, 2012 07:00 AM

White peach juice in the Triangle?

I'm thinking Bellinis are really going to hit the spot for Christmas breakfast. But where may I find white peach juice in Chapel Hill or Durham? I've already checked Harris Teeter, and they don't have it. Perhaps Total Wine in Durham? I've never really looked at their mixers ...

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  1. I"m sorry I don't have an answer to this, but if all else fails, you could get frozen peaches and maybe zap them in the blender? I have used this method to make cucumber juice for cucumber martinis. If you do find the juice, can you post where you found it?

    1. Call Whole Foods - they usually have a wide selection of juices.

      1. I'd check with Trader Joe's too. I think I've seen it there...

        1. Saw peach juice (from concentrate) at Harris teeter today. somewhat surprised to find it there, but there it was, in the juice aisle. Can't vouch for how good it is, and it wasnt' white peach.

          1. I would check Compare Foods. Look for "nectar de melocotón." You may even find it in regular grocery stores in the Latino foods section. It would likely be from yellow peaches, though.