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Dec 21, 2012 06:40 AM

Holiday lunch in downtown with Mom

I'm visiting my Folks in Oregon over Christmas and will be taking my mom out for a nice lunch in downtown Portland.

What might be some great choices for the two of us?

No dietary restrictions. Also, I'd probably rate "nice" as higher priority than value... not that it would go unappreciated.

Thanks Portland experts!

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  1. I would go to the Heathman. Beautiful this time of year!

    1. Wildwood is not technically downtown, but it is a great lunch in a nice mom used to really love it. Plus it has parking and is wheelchair accessible (if that matters to you)

      If you want a nice French spot, Little Bird is a possibility.

      Heathman and Higgins are also good choices. The Heathman does a lovely tea this time of year, if you'd prefer that over a real lunch.

      The Imperial, which is new and in the Hotel Lucia, is another option.

      1. Prolly too late for the OP, but we really liked Gruner for lunch. The room is lovely and light and of course the food is delicious.