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Dec 21, 2012 05:33 AM

Rus-Uz in Ballston - Report

Rus Uz is a brand new Russian/ Uzbeki restaurant, apparently a spinoff of a successful catering company in Alexandria.

The menu is very similar to Cafe Assorti, nearby in the Courthouse area. Assorti relies more heavily on bakery products.

Plenty of varied choices on the menu, from dumplings and stuffed breads to salads, soups, and main dishes. What I got might not be indicative of what they do best.

For the record I tried the borscht, seasoned rice and lamb (plov), stuffed cabbage (golubzi), and a salad with pickled herring called 'Fish in a Fur Coat.'

Overall the food seemed more competent/professional than lusty/home cooking. The borscht was the best of the lot. The pickled herring came out like a lasagna - layered with shredded carrots and beets. The other items lacked oomph. The stuffed cabbage was no match for the golubzi at the annual Ukranian celebration in Annandale, a perfect example of home cooking trumping the pros.

Also, I do not put this place at the same level as the Uzbeki restaurant in Baltimore where the food seems like you are the lucky guest at someone's home.

I'll probably go back at some point to try the dumplings (manti), fried pasta, and the stuffed bread (piroshki).

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  1. Hi, Steve: I'm looking for borscht to go with some raisin pumpernickel I found. Did theirs have chunks of meat in it? To be honest I've only ever encountered one batch that had meat in it [a Ukrainian recipe], but thought I'd check. To be clear, in case I wasn't, I'm looking for a meat-free style of borscht. [not necessarily vegetarian]. Thanks!

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      Yes, the borscht had meat in it, which is mostly how you will find it, more like a beef soup with strips of beet than the bright red clear soup you see in jars at the supermarket.

      1. re: Steve

        Thanks for saving me a trip! I guess I will just have to un-lazy myself and make some at home. If I recall correctly, the store-bought stuff is pretty awful, but . . . our jar might've been past its prime.