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Dec 21, 2012 04:54 AM

Help with goose and sides

I'm doing my first goose this Christmas. I have no idea what to serve with it. Any side dish ideas? Also, any good goose roasting tips?

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  1. If you're roasting goose, you have to roast potatoes in the goose fat. I used Julia Child's steamed roast goose last year, and it resulted in a lot of crisp skin and beautifully rendered fat.

    1. I like a green salad with a tart dressing and potatoes roasted in the goose.fat.
      You can alternatively make yorkshire puddings in the goose fat, but I like the potatoes.

      1. Braised red cabbage and tart apples are terrific with roast goose. As is port gravy and roast root vegetables. Christmas goose is a well loved Holiday dish around here....

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          I second the red cabbage with apples and would add dumplings to that: either potato dumplings or bread dumplings (Semmelknoedel). In Germany, mugwort (Beifuß) is mandatory with goose.

        2. Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts and or Bacon
          Almond Paste Stuffed Roast Apple
          Cranberry Sauce, Red Currant Preserves or Cloudberry Preserves
          As mentioned:
          Braised Red Cabbage
          Potato Dumpling or Tyrolean Dumpling

          1. Goose is the only dish my mother would cook. My German father liked it with red cabbage (in vineager) and potato dumplings with gravy.

            She would stuff the goose with apples (yellow) and use Panni box mix for the dumplings, both smooth and rough. The idea of box dumplings will no doubt make most Chowers recoil in horror but that is what my Omi and dad liked. After living through the war and moving to the US, they adored all things conveience. Mom would put Maggi in the gravy.

            Thanks for bringing back the memory. I hope you have a fantastic goose!