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Dec 21, 2012 04:35 AM

Best seafood in Miami?

Hello all.

I will be visiting Miami in a few weeks and would love to eat at a great seafood restaurant. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. There are literally hundreds of places in SoFla for quality seafood......All kinds of places along the Miami River.....serve great seafood....

    Want the best fried fish you've ever eaten in your life, then you go to Medley Seafood.....a complete dive....that has the best fried fish you've ever eaten in your life.....There you order the dolphin or grouper "deditos" or fingers......

    Doral an amazing Peruvian seafood restaurant.....located on NW 41street and 97th the Publix shopping center.....Traditional Peruvian seafood dishes and ceviche.....

    Captain's Tavern.....on US1 in Kendall.....Stepping into this outdated restaurant takes you back to the mid-70s.....But this establishment absolutely knows how to prepare and serve dozens of seafood dishes prepared to perfection.....

    These are just a few that come to mind.....Again...there are 100s of places to eat good seafood in South Florida and hopefully more folks will chime in with suggestions....

    Ft. Pierce, FL

    1. Altamare on Lincoln Road does good things with local fish and seafood, with a bit of an Italian tilt. Haven't been there in some time, but Area 31 in downtown Miami also focuses on local ocean product. For good ceviche from whatever is fresh and local (plus also shrimp & octopus), go to My Ceviche on South Beach (basically take-out only). La Camaronera for a great fried fish sandwich, its sibling restaurant Garcia's for grilled dolphin sandwich. It's not local (flown in from the Mediterranean), and it's mind-bogglingly expensive, but the fish and seafood at Estiatorio Milos can be really exceptional.

      1. Altamare & Milos have great seafood on Miami Beach. Bring your big wallet to the latter, it's pricey. I imagine Florida Cookery would also have some nice seafood dishes but I've not been. MyCeviche has got good reviews too for its takeout ceviche & more.

        On the mainland, Michaels Genuine has fantastic cuts of fresh, local caught fish coming out of the wood oven. Area 31 is seafood centric though I've not been in some time. Dont let the name fool ya, Edge Steak & Bar has a couple terrific seafood dishes. Garcias also great for fresh fish along the river. Captains Tavern fantastic but keep in mind it's very south of the city of Miami. More in Kendall than Miami.

        1. Joe's stone crabs needs to be added to this discussion.

          1. Would love to add Joe's to the list! But that's on SoBe and they're talking Miami.....But you know me....I'm always pleased to add Joe's to the discussion as it's on of my all-time favorites.....Haven't been this season....but will get there.....

            Captain's Tavern....I mentioned that one.....and it's not more than 15 minutes out of downtown Miami if the traffic is decent (not even great)......And while the decor is dated and worn.....they are fish experts there.....and they have a great market as well and handle special orders very, very well....They're in EAST Kendall.....a big difference from the west kendall area.....In fact....I would say they're in "north pinecrest"....(LOL!).....

            Ft. Pierce, FL

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              Sobe is part of Miami. Don't leave us out just because we tend to be a little pretentious.

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                Captain's Tavern is one of the last of the old-school seafood houses down here, and I'm a fan as well. But it's a guaranteed 20-25 minutes from downtown Miami in the best of circumstances, and the traffic on US1 heading south that way is never even "decent."