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Dec 21, 2012 04:06 AM

Last Chance Kitchen 12/19 (spoilers)

No one watched this yet? Or not exciting enough to report on? In any case, just saw it and Danielle and CJ have to make a sandwich with deli meat. They ride the fancy Toyota Prius to Central Market where CJ gets prosciutto and ham and D. gets turkey, cuz that's what she eats every day. CJ goes for kind of a banh mi with an interesting butter and D. has turkey, bacon, avocado, and some other stuff. He suffers from too much bread not enough filling and she's the opposite. In the end he wins. He seems to have won over the chefs who cheered him on (and a bit for D. but hard to ignore the "big Ceej" shirt).

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  1. The most telling part of the episode was Danyelle taking the half a sandwich and walking out of the kitchen similar to a kid who takes his ball from the playground and goes home. The episode revealed a lot about her creativity (or lack thereof) and it almost seemed as if she were going through the motions. It does make me wonder how difficult it is emotionally after being eliminated to come back and cook again.

    1. I thought CJ was going to win, but then I'm for anything with avocado and bacon in it. I think CJ's sandwich would have been even better had he hollowed out some of the bread to give himself more space for fillings, less bread to chew on, and still enough bread to absorb the liquid from the pickled veggies. Just not so much liquid that the toasted sandwich roll gets all soggy like his crumpets did. :-)

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        I think you meant to say you thought Danyele would win, as she was the one to make the turkey/avocado/bacon sandwich.

      2. I did watch it on Thursday morning, and wanted to re-watch last night, but forgot.

        I loved that Tom took Danyele's Waterloo moment (sandwich meat, as her chicken terrine was termed) and had them make a sandwich. Tyler's comment "She eats that every day!" was a bit telling. I didn't think her sandwich had a whole lot different from what you can get in a deli, whereas at least CJ's had some interesting aspects to it.

        I do think if CJ continues to win (I don't think he will) he could become rather insufferable.

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          Yep, CJ attempted to make something "chef-y" while she just tried to make a tasty sandwich.