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Dec 21, 2012 01:34 AM

Kani miso & dobin mushi

Looking for two of my favorite seasonal delicacies - kani miso (Japanese preparation of crab mustard) and matsutake dobin mushi (dashi with yuzu and matsutake).

Anyone know of a restaurant where I can find these??

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  1. Kabuto sells dobin mush but it is with a variety of mushrooms -- not sure if matsutake is the main mushroom component or not.

    Kappou Gomi sells dobin mushi. It is flavored with crab (meat). Kani miso isn't on their menu but maybe you can call them to see if they will serve it for you? (Not sure what else they would do with it after they serve the meat). Otherwise, it can be hit an miss to find since it's seasonal.

    1. You might call Ippuku and ask.

      1. not from a restaurant, but you can get a can of kani miso (imported from japan) from Nijiya.
        it was like $10 a can (that's few years ago)