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Dec 21, 2012 01:15 AM

Where to find Valrhona!?

Today, I thought I'd be able to easily find Valrhona Dutch-processed cocoa and chocolate bars. After some hectic Christmas shopping, I headed to Whole Foods on Robson and Urban Fare on Alberni, but they didn't carry Valrhona products. I know I could easily order it online on Amazon etc. but I need it before Christmas! (Horrible at planning ahead.)

Thanks everyone :)

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  1. Try gourmet warehouse on Hastings

    Or call Lentia in Surrey, they are the Valrhona importer for BC, maybe they could be of assistance

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    1. re: newJJD

      This store looks great! I'll definitely be checking it out tomorrow. Thanks!

    2. I'm not sure about the cocoa, but I bought some Valhrona bars at the Alberni Street Urban Fare about a week ago.

      You could also try Meinhardt's for the cocoa.

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      1. re: bonlee

        Ahh, I was probably too tired to be efficiently searching haha. Thanks!

      2. Sorry this is late and doesn't help you but I'd possibly try Chocolate Arts. They sell Valrhona Manjari so I assume they might have other Valrhona products.