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Dec 21, 2012 12:42 AM

Blackening spice

My boyfriend loves blackened food. I want to introduce him to shrimp and grits and have seen a lot of recipes for blackened shrimp and grits. I don't have time to go all around town finding blackening spice blends, I assume there won't be a lot out there since blackening is no longer all the rage. What is in blackening spice and does anyone have their own special mixture they make? He is kind of blue so his favorite food might cheer him up. OTOH he might end up blackened and blue. lol Thanks

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  1. I made a batch of Emeril's "BAM" spice blend and brother said it worled well for blackeniing fish. I'll dig it up and post. Nothing in it that most people probably don't already have in their cabinet... much cheaper to mix up yourself than buy for someone's name.

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      +1, "BAM" or Emeril's "Essence" is a great place to start:


    2. Chef Paul Prudhomme is one of the best known pioneers so to speak when it comes to Cajun seasonings. He markets several different types of blackening seasoning blends. I like the Blackened Redfish Magic. Its a great all around blackening seasoning and additional heat can be easily added if desired. It can be purchased online and Restaurant Depot also carries 24 oz cans of it.

      1. I use:

        Granulated Onion
        Granulated Garlic
        Red Pepper
        White Pepper
        Black Pepper
        and a tiny bit of ground cumin
        Thyme would work as well