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New Burrito and Shish Kabob Places in Belmont?

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Sunday's Globe piece on Best New Boston Dining Spots, which was not very impressively done imo (too many mediocre places made to sound just great) mentions these 2 new spots; has anyone tried them? The Burrito place is next to the Belmont Studio cinema and the Middle Eastern place is on Belmont St. a few blocks west of Common. Anyone tried them? The former's web menu did not list beans as a burrito component or anywhere on the menu! The latter> boy, i would be really happy to find an excellent lamb shish kabob sandwich. Anyone? Tia.

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  1. The Boston Globe is a bunch of crackheads. The Burrito place is just find, but not at al noteworthy. Have not checked out the middle eastern place yet.

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          It's been open since August, so it didn't come to mind as "new"!

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            yes, my mentioned reference was the recent Globe piece on Best New Places of 2012. i was unaware of it until that piece and have not seen any CH mentions of it.

      1. I've tried Cafe Burrito -- I thought it was a great concept, but our burritos weren't very good. Pretty much the same as what you could throw together at home without much effort.

        1. The newest middle eastern place I can think of around here is on Common St., but in Watertown. I think it used to be in Belmont? Anyway, I've heard this place is good, but it's only open Fri/Sat nights for dinner. Not a good time for us, with the baby and all.