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Dec 21, 2012 12:23 AM

New Burrito and Shish Kabob Places in Belmont?

Sunday's Globe piece on Best New Boston Dining Spots, which was not very impressively done imo (too many mediocre places made to sound just great) mentions these 2 new spots; has anyone tried them? The Burrito place is next to the Belmont Studio cinema and the Middle Eastern place is on Belmont St. a few blocks west of Common. Anyone tried them? The former's web menu did not list beans as a burrito component or anywhere on the menu! The latter> boy, i would be really happy to find an excellent lamb shish kabob sandwich. Anyone? Tia.

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  1. The Boston Globe is a bunch of crackheads. The Burrito place is just find, but not at al noteworthy. Have not checked out the middle eastern place yet.

        1. re: opinionatedchef

          It's been open since August, so it didn't come to mind as "new"!

          1. re: lovejoyeater

            yes, my mentioned reference was the recent Globe piece on Best New Places of 2012. i was unaware of it until that piece and have not seen any CH mentions of it.

      1. I've tried Cafe Burrito -- I thought it was a great concept, but our burritos weren't very good. Pretty much the same as what you could throw together at home without much effort.

        1. The newest middle eastern place I can think of around here is on Common St., but in Watertown. I think it used to be in Belmont? Anyway, I've heard this place is good, but it's only open Fri/Sat nights for dinner. Not a good time for us, with the baby and all.