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Dec 20, 2012 11:02 PM

Pad Thai Restaurant [SF] - La Lengua Chronicles Part 29

Date Dined: 12/17

After a somewhat small meal at ICHI (see: ), my dining companion and I decided we were still hungry, so we ordered a single order of pumpkin curry from Pad Thai. It was actually very good — a flavorful red curry (plenty of spices and fish sauce) with chunks of kabocha squash, chicken, carrots and a few other random veggies. We ended up having some curry broth leftover, and this evening I sauteed some asparagus with it...and excellent use of leftover.

I had sort of written off this place, since I really like Thai places in the Tenderloin, but I think they might be pretty decent! A menu item that sounds interesting to me is the Thep Sa-Wei - described as: Crispy crepe filled with grated coconut meat mixed with ground shrimp, ground peanut, tofu, scallion and bean sprout. Served with cucumber salad. I didn't get to try it, but would love to hear if someone else has.

Pad Thai Restaurant
3259 Mission @ 29th Street

La Lengua Chronicles:
Dave MP

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  1. Do they still have the secret menu? They used to have it prior to the ownership change.

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    1. re: M_and_H

      Not sure! I didn't see anything, but I may just not be in on the secret. What did it have on it?

      1. re: Dave MP

        It has quite a bit on it, about 2-3 pages long. Our old favorites were Hoi Tod (Pan fried seafood pancake), and Tom Sap Nuer (Sour beef soup). They also have bamboo shoot salad which was pretty pungent.

        Haven't been back in a while, so not sure if those are still being offered.