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Dec 20, 2012 11:02 PM

Joe's Stone Crab

I eat here once a year. One of those places that I really like but not necesarilly because the food is outstanding.

I typically go with family and we get (yes) the stone crab as well as fried green tomatoes the cottage fried potatoes, sometimes fried chicken and key lime pie.

I have tried other menu items over the years, almost always to severe disappointment.

Can regulars tell me if there is anything else on the menu I should really try?

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  1. I really, really like their lobster cocktail.....On the take-away side they have a dill shrimp salad (that has a little kick to it) and it's outstanding....Joe's Chopped Salad is always a hit.....and then there's always the garlic creamed spinach that we love as well.......

    Joe's is about the Stone Crabs....that's why we go there.....We like the friend chicken too....And we really like the items mentioned above....but it always comes back to Stone Crabs....Joe's....all about the crabs.......

    It's kind of like when people go to a BBQ restaurant and they let their focus shift towards mac-n-cheese, baked beans, collards and corn bread....when really....the meat is the thing.....

    Ft. Pierce, FL

    1. Their lobster mac & cheese is very good. The king crab claws (hot butter) is my favorite thing on the menu.

      1. We eat there quite often, and it really is all about the stone crabs. That being said their crab cakes, and chopped steak are outstanding, hash brown potatoes, coleslaw, lobster cocktail, ginger salmon, apple pie and brownie sundae are excellent.

        1. The crab cakes are very good. I generally don't like 'breaded and fried' crab cakes, but Joe's does it right. It has great spice. The fried chicken is surprisingly good and is the best value at Joe's.

          1. Fried chicken is a great value at Joe's.....and I'm sure that there are people that go there just to eat it.....And it's there for those folks that don't eat shellfish but are in the party.....But at the end of the day....its about Stone Crabs....Colossal...Jumbo....Medium....Select.....

            And the service doesn't suck either.....

            Ft. Pierce, FL