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Dec 20, 2012 10:49 PM

Blue Plate [San Francisco] - La Lengua Chronicles Part 27

Date Dined: 11/16

I was able to try Blue Plate a few weeks back, and things have been so busy that I haven't had time to write about it until now. The result of this is that I really don't remember that much about the meal....which I suppose might be an indication that while it was good, it wasn't necessarily super memorable.

Here's what I do remember: My dining companion and I were able to get in without any reservation on a Friday evening at about 8. I think maybe there had been a cancellation. The dining room is cozy, staff are friendly and professional, and the crowded room made for a lively vibe.

Toasted Farro and Slow Egg - I can't recall the exact dressing/sauce on this dish, but I think it was a pesto of some sort. This was excellent and very different than any dish I'd ever had at a restaurant. Creamy without being too heavy, yet still hearty. Egg was soft with a runny yolk.

Gnocchi with Duck Confit - Rich and good. I think I remember this being on the salty side, but a generous serving and with moist, flavorful confit.

Pork Osso Buco - I can't remember what this tasted like, but I remember liking it. I also remember that the woman at the table next to me leaned over to ask what we had ordered...she hadn't chosen it, and was feeling a bit sad about it.

Macaroni and Cheese - I thought this was a decent version of mac and cheese, but in my mind nothing to write home about. In fact, I could get much better mac and cheese a few blocks away—at my own house, from my own oven!

Greens - I can't remember if this was kale or something else, but we had a side of greens which was good. Simple preparation, added nice color and some nutrients to the meal.

This was a LOT of food (but we ate pretty much all of it) and with two glasses of wine, the meal wasn't cheap. But Blue Plate is definitely someplace I'd return to, especially to try the fried chicken. Mainly I'd return for dependably good food in a nice atmosphere.

Blue Plate
3218 Mission @ Valencia

La Lengua Chronicles:
Dave MP

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  1. My fiancé's offices are in the same block as Blue Plate and while we have eaten at every restaurant in the 'hood for lunch, we are rarely around there by dinner time. Except last Friday evening and we were able to grab an early Open Table rez.

    Opting for just lots of appetizers, we started with smoked trout Deviled eggs which were a great amuse - just a hint of the trout without being too fishy or smoky.

    Then came the chopped romaine salad with avocado, smoked bacon, cherry tomato, pickled onion, and pecorino vinaigrette. The avocado was mostly a smear of guacamole served on the side (which was more interesting on the amazing warm, herbed foccacia bread than near the salad). Lots of bacon on the salad and while it was a tad over-dressed, I liked it a lot. More than my fiancé.

    Next came grilled Monterey bay squid moroccan olive, green black jonathan apples, with hazelnut aioli. These were amazingly tender squid with a nice complement of sweet and spicy with the olives and apples.

    The next dish we had was olive oil-poached local albacore with Asian pear, tahini, tomato confit, and crispy parsnip. This was so large it could have been an entrée for someone and was very well made. The albacore was tender and moist and my fiancé was all over the oven-roasted tomatoes while I tried to steal the parsnips.

    The last savory dish was the toasted farro and slow egg porcini, parmesan, preserved meyer lemon pistou, and grilled bread. We were both all over this dish but we were getting full and wanted to save room for dessert. I was thrilled that there were leftovers as the creamy egg and hearty farro made for a lovely lunch the following day.

    We did finish up with dessert; apple pie with to-do-for vanilla ice cream and a sorbet selection (mango and other flavors I don't remember). The apple pie was equally to the task, offering an exceptional tender crust. I'm never much of a sorbet fan except as palate cleansers, but my fiancé enjoyed them.

    All of the savory dishes were paired with a split of Lang & Reed Cab Franc at the very affordable price of $28 and dessert was paired with tea. The whole meal came in around $125 for the two of us which we consider a bargain.

    We saw others getting the meat loaf and fried chicken and it has encouraged us to stay in the neighborhood for dinner more often and head back.

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      Thanks for the great report. I just re-read my post, too, where I said I'd be returning. I haven't been back yet, and your positive review has bumped this up to the top of my list!

      Dave MP