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Dec 20, 2012 10:38 PM

Authentic Mexican Food in Puerto Vallarta?

I'll be traveling to PV next month and I haven't been for some years. I really don't want to be eating in tourist joints or high priced fusion something or other, I live in San Francisco and I can get that any day of the week. I have fond memories of authentic mexican restaurants/street food vendors fixing outrageously delicious simple mexican food. Can anyone recommend any places frequented by locals where you feel that you're eating in someone's kitchen and the food is typically Mexican? I particularly love sopas, chiliquiles and fish tacos. Not afraid to travel off the beaten path. Thanks!

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  1. I am quite familiar with the south side, Col. Emileano Zapata. If you are arriving thru the little tunnel, as you exit , on the left just after El Bruco, is a street cart with fish tacos. It is legendary, but only open for lunch, until about 4pm. Also a Comeda Corrida named Dianeta, any taxesta will know where it is. It's a set menu with about 6-10 choices, lunch only. Again until about 4pm. Set price with soup and drink for around 45 pesos. The best, mostly Mexican working people and a few gringos, usually living there.

    1. Not my kind of stuff so no personal recommendations but here is some information.

      1. Hi Jim! If you like tacos de birria, there is a cart just out front of our place (on Constitucion between Caranza and Cardenas) that is, hands down, the best in town. It's always swarmed with local Mexicans.

        For seafood, there's a little spot called Cisneros (Middle of the block on Aguacate also between Caranza and Cardenas) that is amazing. They make a Chile Relleno taco (chili stuffed with seafood) that is divine.

        For breakfast, there's a place called The Hacienda (Corner of Caranza and Aguacate) that's super authentic and a gorgeous atmosphere. Again, a local Mexican favorite. Old town is full of great spots.

        Hope that helps!

        1. I've been to Puerto Vallarta twice this year and the local drivers and my family nearby recommend El Coleguita for seafood. It's not like eating in someone's kitchen but the restaurants are well known for decently priced seafood. There are 3 locations and there is one in Marina Vallarta near the airport in case you are in that area. The pescado zarandeado is a local specialty - - as are the aguachiles (ceviche-like preparations).

          Here's the link to El Coleguita's web site -

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            Thanks for all your recommendations!!