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Dec 20, 2012 10:38 PM

New Handmade Noodles at Nulite Kitchen in Mission/Bernal [SF]

I was walking past Nulite Kitchen this evening and noticed a new banner on the window, announcing 9 new menu items that feature handmade noodles. I went inside to inquire further, and the handmade noodle menu is new as of 2 weeks ago. There are some soups and some non-soup noodles, including dan dan mian, zhaziang mian, and beef stew noodles.

I went to Nulite Kitchen as part of my La Lengua Chronicles (see here: ) and thought it was fine....but I'm quite interested in coming back to see what these noodles are like.

Also, while I was in the restaurant, I noticed that there was a half-tray of dumplings sitting on a table, along with a bowl of filling. So this means that the potstickers/dumplings here are also made in-house, though I have no idea how good they are.

If anyone has a recent scoop, I'd love to hear it, otherwise I will be trying it soon and reporting back!

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