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Dec 20, 2012 09:07 PM

Need recommendations on where to buy "appetizers"

Hello all -- I want to buy appetizers, either frozen or fresh, for Christmas Day. Last year, I went to Trader Joe's and just bought boxes and boxes of various appetizers, and all went well. This year I thought I would try something different and look at alternatives.

I am looking for a big variety -- from the basic "pigs in a blanket" to flautas and mini-tacos, to vegetable bird's nests, lemon-grass chicken stix, mini meatballs, pastry bites, parmesan pastry puffs, beef puffs/pastries, spinach pie, shrimp, pot stickers, etc.

Any ideas for something other than Trader Joe's? Should I look at a local store and go "fresh" so to speak?

I am not looking for specific appetizer suggestions -- just where I should go to buy them.

Thank you very much in advance.

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  1. You can get some of that stuff at BJ's and Costco.

    1. If you're into dumplings and dimsum type items, H Mart in Ridgefeild has a real good selection of frozen items. The quality seems to be better than most other Orental markets. They also have a good selection of fresh made items and will probably be open on Christmas

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      1. Where in NJ are you? That would help us in offering you suggestions.

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          Bergen County. I am go anywhere in Bergen. I have gone to Trader Joe's and Fairway in Paramus. Thanks.

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            Thanks ELA. I'm not that familiar with Bergen county anymore, so I can't help you. But perhaps now that people know where you are others will come up with some good suggestions.

        2. Not that I can verify the quality of them (I'm a make from scratch person) but I am always impressed with the variety of frozen app's at BJ's and Costco wholesale clubs.

          For more "fresher" app's I would suggest Wegman's super markets it you have one in your area. Good luck!

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          1. If you're considering a sushi platter outside of your normal restaurant, King's Food Markets prepare very fresh sushi platters.

            They also offer outstanding deli platters and unique frozen foods.

            Whole Foods for any vegan guests.