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Dec 20, 2012 06:49 PM

Taco bell loaded grillers

Anyone try these yet and how are they? I know it is a touchy subject because its not like it used to be in the 80's but I still like some things they serve. I think the grillers sound good and i would like to try them. Just nuts enough to be tasty. I think I may try them tomorrow when I finish my last minute shopping. If I do I will post back.

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  1. Not touchy subject for me at all. Love the basic crunchy tacos and the soft at times: maybe 4x per year at my advanced age of degeneration.

    So we tried all three varieties on Sunday night -- picked up after the Duke picked me up from work. Brought them home, heated up the toaster oven and tried them sequentially.

    Larger than expected. Slightly slender burrito-sized. I cut each in half so we could try them all. We bought 2 of each, ate 1 of each.

    Nice panini-style crisp grilling on 2 sides.

    Potato: potato parts felt mushy and doughy in mouth; bad combo with doughy tortilla. Awful nacho pump-style chz. "Bacon" bits didn't add any significant flavor. I have bet the husband that I can use the remaining one in migas.

    Chicken: skimpy, maybe 3 bits of chix overall. Much too much of the dreadful ballpark nacho chz. Lava sauce? didn't feel/taste any. Sour cream in the wrap means eat it in the store or suffer.

    Beef: The crunchy tortilla bits in this were well sogged by time of arrival at home + reheat. This was the best overall though. Taco meat was reasonably seasoned and worked well with the shell; same cheese problem as above but less cheese in this roll.

    Decision: Never again. The crappy pump cheese ruined these completely. Skimped on ingredients. The potato was a total loss overall. Cheap but much less enjoyable than the basic tacos.

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      Thanks duchess. Location is everything they say and I haven't been to our local taco bell since they opened a Popeyes directly across the street but if I get tempted I'll stick to the usual menu.

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        Excellent review. Thank you for that. I think I will skip the potato but i will try the others.

      2. I tried the nacho griller today. I ate it there after reading DuchessNukem's post. I thought it was pretty decent in size and i didn't finish it because I also had a empanada. The griller was what I expected. Similar to the beefy nacho burrito. I wasn't wowed but it wasn't bad. The empanada was dreadful though. It had sat for to long and was hard and dry and cold. That's what I get for going in between lunch and dinner, low volume. I may try the others, I may not