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Dec 20, 2012 04:53 PM

Favorite Restaurant Dishes- 2012

Try to limit it to five or ten, here are mine in no particular order

Rice porridge with Uni- Red Medicine, Los Angeles, USA
Mezze Spreads- Aziza, San Francisco, USA
Roasted Black Carrots- Per Se, New York, USA
Wagyu Short Ribs- Jungsik, New York, USA
Ossibau Pork Loin Chop- Farm & Fisherman, Philadelphia, USA
Potato Galette- L'Ami Louis, Paris, France
Barely Cooked Giant Langoustine- Chez L'Ami Jean, Paris, Fr.
Boudin Noir d'Agneau- Town Festival, Sare, France
Razor Clam and Veal Tendon- Akelare, San Sebastian, Spain

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  1. Kimchi Hot Pot. w/ lemongrass, chicken sausage, organic choy,carmelized onion & poached egg. Relish Victoria B.C.

    1. Dim Sum at Don Mees Victoria BC. Choose a week day though to avoid the line ups.

      1. Ok. I'll bite. My list of five:

        One of them was with you: the octopus gravy at Koo Zee Doo in Philly.

        The duck bulgogi at a place I can't name in Busan, South Korea. I could find it again, but not the name. Not easy to find in the US, but I urge anyone to seek out duck bulgogi and tell me who has it.

        The kongguksu (cold noodles in soy milk both) at a highway rest stop in Korea.

        Yokohama Ramen Museum: three of the best ramen I've ever had back-to-back-to-back, all very distinct.

        Spinach with buttermilk, peanuts, and black salt at Passage to India, Bethesda, Md.

        1. Abalone Dish with spiced cauliflower - Aubergine, Cape Town
          The whole meal and dining experience - Le Tobsil, Marrakech
          Sweet Potato quesadilla - Mizuna, Washington
          Sweetbreads - small local Parisian bistro that my friends took me too, never caught the name, best sweetbreads of my life.

          NOT a restaurant

          Local vendor who visited our boat selling just caught sushi in the San Blas, Panama. He made it on his canoe, 5 different rolls and 20 pieces of nigiri - phenomenal. Cost - less than $5 US.

          1. Cayo Fish Taco - Garbo's Grill, Key West Florida

            Crudite Salad and Ginger Carrot soup - Salad (Grilled Pear with aged cheddar almond brittle, winter greens with a vinegarette) - Rusty Spoon, Orlando Florida

            Dalia Bakery Bread, Dungeness crab cakes -Dahlia Loung, Seattle Washington

            Prosciutto, Swiss, tomato and basil crepe - La Creperie, Key West Florida