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Dec 20, 2012 04:40 PM

Tiberio's has a new owner

Antonio Barbi, the founder of Tiberio's restaurant in Old Saybrook, CT, has sold the restaurant, which featured "Contemporary Italian Cuisine". It will continue with the same menu (that I have enjoyed several times) under the new owners, who have not yet been identified on their website

Barbi will continue to offer catering services, and a phone number is available on Tiberio's website.

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  1. Yes they always have great food, sadly when we visit on Thursdays(our date night) the cigar store next door is open and the cigar smells waft over to the restaurant. Disgusting aroma!!!

    Would be great if they moved to where Stella Dora went out.

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      I also have enjoyed many meals at Tiberio's and hope the new ownership maintains the high standards. Totally agree with Jd's idea to move Tiberio's to the empty Stella Doro location.