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Best place to buy selection of charcuterie meats [White Plains area]

seeking a diversified selection - preferably white plains area or east side of westchester. Not impressed with whole foods selection.

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  1. Probably even pricier than wf ( if possible) but you may be able to find what you want at tarry market, there is also a small polish market on Willet that may have something of interest

    1. another vote for Tarry Market

      1. In White Plains, try Apple Farm. They roast their own turkey breast which is one of the best I've ever had. They have all the Italian specialties and good pricing.

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          I suppose it depends on one's idea of "diversified selection of charcuterie"

          I don't think Apple Farm is going to have Lardo and Boudin and Guanciale and Spanish Chorizo as well as Portugeuse Chourice...

          1. re: weedy

            That's true but compared to Whole Foods I think it has more of a selection.

        2. I would have to say either Tarry Market or Fairway in Pelham.

          1. Dante's Deli on Central Ave in North Hartsdale. J & S Pork Store in High Ridge Shopping Center on Central Ave in Yonkers. But best is Fairway in Pelham.

            1. I would say Fairway for a few things and also Trader Joe's. I have found alot of things in both places. Good lucck!

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                Trader Joes meats and produce are pretty lousy, and none of the salumni is fresh cut. It's just mediocre pre-packaged stuff.

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                  True about TJ bt sometimes I can't get anywhere else...lol...I need to try Tarry Market...Where is it?

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                    179 North Main Street in Port Chester, NY on the corner of Mill and Main Streets.


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                        Eastchester near my work. Or Danbury if I go up in that direction. I live in Mt Kisco. Will have to try Tarrymarket.Looked at the website.I know where it is. It's Batallis place areound the corner from Tarrylodge.....My husband usually just goes to Fairway. Theres so many new places now in Westchester restos and stores that it's hard to keep track!

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                          Try Zucharelli's Italian Deli in Eastchester on White Plains Rd across from the Beverage distributor. Southern part of Eastchester, almost to Bronxville. They have many nice Italian salumni.

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                            each time that i decide i will splurge and actually shop at tarry market,i go in and can't justify those prices so i end up leaving empty handed but wallet much fuller.be prepared for sticker shock

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                              I haven't actually been there but doesn't Mona Lisa in Eastchester have this kind of thing? I know that my friends love the sandwiches with all the meats and cheeses from there.

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                                It's actually in Scarsdale
                                829 White Plains Road Scarsdale

                    1. I'd go with Tarry Market and Fairway.