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Dec 20, 2012 02:40 PM

If Bubba Blue was an oysterman instead of a shrimper.

Going to buy a half bushel of oysters tomorrow for two people.

You got your:
Raw oysters
Oysters Rockefeller
Charcoal grilled oysters
Fried oysters

Any other suggestions? Favorite toppings and serving suggestions for any of the above?

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    Oysters Lagniappe

    or my Louisiana side of my family always made an oyster rice dressing for the holidays instead of bread/cornbread dressing.

    Similar to this without the addition of ground beef or pork.,1942,...

    Enjoy all those oysters!!

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      Oysters Lagniappe. Had those at a restaurant called Louisiana Lagniappe, in Destin Florida, thanks for the suggestion. The recipe you linked seems similar to my recollection.

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        These Apalachicola oysters are very good this time. Nice and salty and the medium size I prefer. The half bag was $28, think it's going to be about 12 dozen or so oysters.

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            It looks like we are the only two that like oysters.

            Saturday night we cooked a bunch on the grill. Topped with diced hog jowl, panko, parmesan and parsley. Very good.

            Sunday night I fried what was left and made oyster po'boys.

            I'm not sure that an ice cold raw oyster can be improved upon by cooking but it is nice to have a variety I suppose.

            They are all gone and my hands are ruined from shucking them all. I have to remember to get some gloves next time.

            1. re: kengk

              "I'm not sure that an ice cold raw oyster can be improved upon by cooking but it is nice to have a variety I suppose."

              I completely agree. I much prefer slurping raw oysters over them cooked.

              We just had a case (approx. 80 oysters) of Malpeque oysters that were very tasty. Yum. Enjoy!!

        1. chopped up, mixed with some prepared stuffing(use the oyster juice and water), some garlic,onion,green pepper,and some diced Linguica sausage (or andouille)

          Mold onto the shells or use muffin cups and bake at 350 for 40 mins

          1. damn - in the SF bay area that amount of oysters would be 10x that amount.

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            1. re: sparky403

              It may have been closer to a hundred oysters than 144 but they are still cheap. Really too cheap. Poor old Apalachicola oystermen live a hard life.

              1. re: kengk

                At least things are normalizing after the BP fiasco. Some made out OK in the settlement, others were paid to divert their equipment to containment and clean up activity.
                I'm happy to have our plump Apalachicolas back!
                You may want to check the menu of Half Shell Oyster House for options of toppings on their char-grilled oysters, they are all good. Another thought is replicating the oyster pan roast at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central. I haven't tried to make it, but I have enjoyed it many times.