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40th birthday party; 18 ppl; below 14th street - any suggestions?

We're hosting a 40th birthday party on a Saturday in January for 18 people. We prefer to be downtown but are open to other great suggestions too. We were thinking Balthazar but they won't do that large of a group on the weekend...open to all cuisine and price.

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  1. DBGB has a private room that seats 18.

    Public also has a semi private room about that size, which seats 20.

    Il Buco has a wine cellar that seats 20 as does Bar Boulud.

    Cafe Boulud has two salons that seat 18.

    Gramercy Tavern's private dining room seats 22.

    Eleven Madison Park has two balcony-level private dining rooms that overlook the main dining room -- one of them seats 18.

    Le Bernardin has a few separate "salons."

    This might help:

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    1. The Dutch

      Del Posto, If your party size drops to 16.

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        I don't recommend Jane for dinner. I found their dinner food merely buttery, and overpriced. I did have a delicious brunch there several years ago, though.

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          The brunch place? I used to love that place!

          Ed.: Sorry, I literally stopped reading after the first sentence and just started typing. Lol. I used to go there quite a bit.

      2. Congee Village has private rooms with Karaoke. Party on!

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          I believe Oriental Garden also has a private room, though I haven't used it (I'm fine with having a banquet in a convivial eating room). No karaoke, though, I don't think.

        2. The private dining room at Maialino would be perfect. Also consider Tocqueville and Union Square Cafe.

          1. Thank you for all of the suggestions.

            1. We settled on Mercer Kitchen. Great long table in the back. Will report on how it is for a large party.