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Dec 20, 2012 02:32 PM

40th birthday party; 18 ppl; below 14th street - any suggestions?

We're hosting a 40th birthday party on a Saturday in January for 18 people. We prefer to be downtown but are open to other great suggestions too. We were thinking Balthazar but they won't do that large of a group on the to all cuisine and price.

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  1. DBGB has a private room that seats 18.

    Public also has a semi private room about that size, which seats 20.

    Il Buco has a wine cellar that seats 20 as does Bar Boulud.

    Cafe Boulud has two salons that seat 18.

    Gramercy Tavern's private dining room seats 22.

    Eleven Madison Park has two balcony-level private dining rooms that overlook the main dining room -- one of them seats 18.

    Le Bernardin has a few separate "salons."

    This might help:

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    1. The Dutch

      Del Posto, If your party size drops to 16.

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        I don't recommend Jane for dinner. I found their dinner food merely buttery, and overpriced. I did have a delicious brunch there several years ago, though.

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          The brunch place? I used to love that place!

          Ed.: Sorry, I literally stopped reading after the first sentence and just started typing. Lol. I used to go there quite a bit.

      2. Congee Village has private rooms with Karaoke. Party on!

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          I believe Oriental Garden also has a private room, though I haven't used it (I'm fine with having a banquet in a convivial eating room). No karaoke, though, I don't think.

        2. The private dining room at Maialino would be perfect. Also consider Tocqueville and Union Square Cafe.

          1. Thank you for all of the suggestions.