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Dec 20, 2012 02:27 PM

last minute New Year's Eve recommendations

I'm a born-and-raised Vancouverite (currently living in San Francisco) coming home for the holidays. My family has asked me to pick a spot for New Year's Eve, and every single place I've looked at is already booked. I'm relatively up to date with the restaurants in Vancouver, but what with not living here any more, I'm sure my knowledge is at least slightly lacking. However I am the foodie of the family, and they're depending on me to come up with something good. In past years, we've gone to La Buca (before they started doing expensive prix fixe on NYE) and Campagnolo. Both have been big hits, though Campagnolo last year was definitely too much food (we went for the 45 bucks a head NYE dinner.) Does anyone have any suggestions of what might still be possible to get into on NYE? I like all kinds of food, but my dad is a mostly Euro-skewing meat eater, so something along similar lines to last year would be best (price wise as well)!

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  1. For sentimental reasons, I'm heading to Monk's this NYE. The restaurant opened the same year as my daughter was born, and is closing on the day before she is to be married :)
    But in years past, I've enjoyed the NYE wine dinner at Hamilton Street Grill. It has a higher price point than your dinner last year, at $75 per person, but includes the wine pairings :)