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Dec 20, 2012 01:56 PM

Holidays in Barcleona.

My husband and I will be arriving to Barcelona on the 25th of December. I need to book a dinner and next day (26th) lunch before our drive to San Sebastian. Does anyone know of good restaurants opened during those dates? Interested in Cerveceria Catalana, Quimet and Quimet, Ciudad Condal. Any other suggestions?
Also does anyone know of good cooking schools in Spain (duration 2 to 6 months).
Thank you,

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  1. Hi, Quimet i Quimet and Cerveceria Catalana will not be open. Not sure about Ciudad Condal — even though it is part of the same chain which owns & manages Cerveceria Catalana — it may be open on Sant Esteve (26th). I'll make a point of asking on the 22nd when out shopping and report back. However, imho it's not such a special place — average tapas joint. Sorry can't be more helpful regards other restaurants that may be open at the time — holiday opening times here are always hit and miss. having said that I'm fairly sure Brasserie Flo will be open.

    1. Just a general comment. Since it's not so easy to find places open on Sunday, I'd think Christmas would be really difficult. Good luck.