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Dec 20, 2012 01:14 PM


We have a gift card to any prime hospitality restaurant, which one should we go to? Currently thinking about prime grill vs. prime at the bentley

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  1. Go to the Bentley. The rooftop setting is really fun.

    1. I think that the food is better at the prime grill (the menu is more limited at the bentley and I heard that other than the sushi it is not prepared on premises, but I don't know how true that is) but the location of the Bentley is much nicer. I also think the service at the Bentley is better -- I found Prime Grill to be too pretentious.

      1. Personal fave happens to be Solo, in the Sony atrium. Echoing AdinaA, the Bentley's rooftop setting really is fun. Flo - it's funny that you find PG too pretentions; i've always seen it as a fun, easy restaurant to go to that doesn't require any special pretentions - no dressing up, no fancy foods -

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          I also feel like PG is a bit stuffy. Food is excellent, service definitely made me a little crazy. Last time we ate there and ordered sautéed spinach, they brought out creamed spinach. The waiter tried to argue saying we ordered creamed spinach. They also pushed drinks like crazy.