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Dec 20, 2012 12:53 PM

What to Order at New Kapadokia? [Redwood City]

It has been a few years since I've been to New Kapadokia in RWC. I remember enjoying their stuffed eggplant but being more impressed with some appetizers and maybe soups, I just can't remember which ones. Can anyone with recent experience recommend some dishes there?

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  1. we always enjoy the karniyarik (the stuffed eggplant you mentioned), but also like the manti and the sabzeli guvec (spelling ?)
    We tend to steer clear of the kebobs (not because they're bad, they're just not as interesting as the other dishes) and the desserts.
    They always bring a tray showing the appetizers, so you can look and see what piques your appetite that day. We tend to get at least one borek (whatever they have that day) and the "red stuff" (can't remember the name, but they always just call it the red stuff).

    1. Rec'd this from a shy 'hound via email:
      "Manti wrapper a bit overcooked and coming off on some. Surprising. Since so many people. So many orders. The kebab combo #1 had white chick. Pretty good not dried out. Didn't try the lamb chunk. N said not as tender as the chick. The little ground patty was moist and good. And the lamb chop was good. But the good flat bread is now replaced with some kind of lavash or pita chip. And bread was dinner rolls.. The Turkish salad was good. And the mezes combo we had."

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        I was there last week and they had a round of traditional leavened flat bread (turkish pita?) topped with sesame seeds. I wonder if they'd just ran out when that person was there.