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Dec 20, 2012 12:43 PM

Ryoji - Izakaya and Ramen on College

Does anyone have any scoop on this Ryoji place that's supposed to open at double addresses somewhere on College?

It's supposed to double as an Izakaya and Ramen shop. This could spell compromise.

BUT it could also be great: the Onna-aji seems to involve a blend of pork, fish (bonito) and vegetable broths, which sounds unique to this chain and would definitely be a first for Toronto (similar to Santouka and their pork jowl).

What I thought really set ramen in Japan apart was how every QUALITY shop had a special gimmick. The sheer variety was mind-bending. Allegedly, there were a few places in Tokyo that put peanut butter, chocolate or whisky in their broths (though I cannot verify the existence of any of these places, but they kind of sound like novelties anyway).

It should be noted that NOT EVERY place was exemplary and there were tonnes of industrial ramen joints serving up slop until the wee hours of the morning.

But with that said, I eagerly await this addition to Toronto's burgeoning little Ramen Mosaic (copyright).

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  1. Oh and here are some links:

    English is Facebook only:

    Or you can try your hand at their native Japanese site:

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Is there an opening date yet? Can't wait to compare to my two current favourites, Santouka and Hapa!

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        1. re: jl_1978

          We are projected to open on January 15 2013. Hopefully we'll be on your favourite list soon :)

          1. re: ryojiofcanada

            I will literally be there on opening day!

        2. I am looking forward to this!

          1. So is it one restaurant that serves both ramen and izakaya-style food, or is it two restaurants (one serving ramen and the other an izakaya) that are connected?

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            1. re: londonhk

              I think it's an izakaya that serves/specializes bowls of ramen. Not unheard of for Izakayas to serve bowls of noodles. I know Kingyo does (albeit the Udons do not come in any broth).