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Dec 20, 2012 12:20 PM

Bella Mia in Cary Being Sold

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  1. Wow, I hate this news. I have enjoyed Bella Mia ever since it opened. Hopefully the new owners will keep up the same tradition of attention to detail and quality ingredients that have made the pizza at Bella Mia so spectacular. I wish the Guerra family the best - we'll miss you!

    1. Aaaa! This was my favorite pizza in the area. Thankfully, it looks like Pizzeria Toro opened just in time otherwise the options would be pretty dire. I hope that their new owners don't fiddle with the pizzas too much, especially the crust.

      Why are they selling it?

      1. I recently tried Johnny's Pizza in Apex and I think it's one of the best pizza places in the area. I like the crust. It's thin and crispy not dry as toast like some thin crusts. I went to Mamma Mia in Apex a couple years ago and it was also excellent.