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Gramercy Tavern or Gordon Ramsay?

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I have a big list of reservations done, but need to decide between those two

Also, I have a del posto reservation but since I'm heading to Marea on my trip, it probably won't be memorable? I've been reading about del posto on the forum, but it seems as if it's "meh" here.


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  1. Gramercy. Not even close.

    1. Depends on what you're looking for....if it's good food/service, then Gramercy. If it's the name brand, then maybe Gordon Ramsay or another of the locales that draw on star power to attract clientele.

      1. Never been to Gordon Ramsay. Love Gramercy Tavern though.
        Del Posto is amazing.

        1. I'm one of the few who prefer Gordon Ramsay.
          While the food at gramercy tavern is good, at Gordon Ramsay I found it to be more creative and more interesting.
          I prefer the service at GR better as well.

              1. Ah this is late and all but thank you for the replies!

                I went to both in the end and Gordon Ramsay was kind of a joke.....although, I can't judge them since i've only been there once, but don't feel the desire to go back....

                Gramercy on the other hand may not be creative or very fancy, but the food is definitely solid and tasty. I was definitely content and happy by the end of the meal. :)

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                  Glad you liked GT; it's one of our favorites.
                  Did you go to Del Posto?

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                    Unfortunately, we decided to cancel Del Posto :(
                    We went to sooo many places and by the end of it all, we were totally fooded out. haha