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Dec 20, 2012 12:16 PM

"apocalypse" meal for couple downtown

I'm looking for an adventurous place to take my foodie girlfriend (23)tomorrow night preferably in the downtown westt area. Basically open to anything, as long as its remotely feasible to get a table tomorrow. Hoping for something out of the ordinary but delicious is naturally first priority.

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  1. Give us some ideas about your preferences - which restaurants do frequent, what kind of vibe are you looking for, what time do you plan to dine, price range, etc.

    Jungsik, Corton, Rouge et Blanc and Mas La Grillade usually aren't fully booked. Louro just opened and I had a great dinner there last week. Check Babbo's tweets at 3:00 pm tomorrow for same day cancellations. You can usually get a table or bar seats at Perla without a wait if you show up before 7:00 pm.

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    1. re: Lacrosse_Gastronomic

      thanks for the reply, those are all great! I was toying with the idea of Babbo , but that is definitely at the top of the price range (so I guess trying to spend $50-100 per person.)
      As for things we like, our favorite dining experience has probably been casa mono. We love the momofuku restaurants as well. Girlfriend's a big desert person so a good desert is a must. We love mexican food, japanese, italian, french, but we're super open. I'd love to take her to a place like WD-50 but thats definitely not an option.
      we'll probably be eating around 6/6:30

      1. re: meingorn

        You can do WD-50 within your budget assuming that $100 is for food only. Bar diners can order from either tasting menu any two courses for $25; additional courses can be added at $15 per course. Portion sizes vary widely so ask for help.

        1. re: meingorn

          If you're dining around 6/6:30 you have a lot of options. I think you would like Rouge et Blanc since it's dark and romantic and serves excellent Asian-inspired food.

          Empellon Taqueria has great desserts. Yerba Buena Perry is another wonderful date place with a decidedly female vibe.

          For Asian small plates I love Wong, Kin Shop and RedFarm though I haven't tried their desserts.

          As an alternative to Casa Mono, try Txikito.

          1. re: Lacrosse_Gastronomic

            At Wong, the Duck a la Plum: Roast Duck Ice Cream, Star Anise-Poached Plums, 5-Spice Cookie is really good...

            1. re: kathryn

              woah these are some seriously great choices thank you so much! As for your list of restaurants with unusual meats, i can only assume that you can read minds. I hope to hit every one of those places one day

        2. re: Lacrosse_Gastronomic

          Mas La Grillade hit the nail on the head pretty much

        3. Takashi if you can get there by 6:30pm or so.

          The wait might not be as bad as usual, since I imagine a lot of people are be going out of town on Friday for Christmas.

          See also this list of restaurants w/ unusual meats:

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          1. re: kathryn

            takashi looks incredible as well. thanks for always replying to my posts kathryn!

          2. You should consider going out later.

            If the world is going to end, why get stuck with a check?

            1. I think Jungsik will be hard to beat, as far as the food goes. However, the price might be too high. So in the more reasonable, Takashi to me sounds more interesting than it really is. Some of the different cow stomachs aren't really that enjoyable. There isn't that much choice in my opinion.
              Wong Is a good choice, Kin shop is a good choice.
              Chez Sardine you might find interesting as they have some "different" combinations like steak tartare with uni roll or foie gras grilled cheese. Pig and Khao although not West , has a good mix of food choices from Vietnamese fried oysters , to Filipino sizzling sisig ( chopped, pig ears, belly, cheeks etc), Thai Khao Soi, Crispy whole fish, many more.