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Dec 20, 2012 11:48 AM

Fois gras needed for a recipe

Where can I find fois gras around Gilbert? I need it for a recipe, so I'm looking for some that isn't already prepare and cooked.

Any ideas? I'm from Los Angeles but am staying in town with friends.

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  1. AJ's sell foie gras at its cheese and charcuterie counter. I'm not sure about the prepared and cooked part. The nearest location is at Dana Park Village, which is nearby on the Mesa side of the Gilbert / Mesa border.

    NWC Val Vista & Baseline
    1836 S. Val Vista Drive, 85204

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      Thanks exit2lef. I called AJs a few days ago. They don't have fois gras that isn't already prepared. Someone in the butcher shop suggested I try whole foods, but I know they don't carry it there either. I've already checked. I was hoping there might e a small gourmet shop I hadn't heard of, but I've had so much trouble searching for it here that I'm starting to think it doesn't exist. I may have to order it online or something.

    2. If all else fails, I would call a fine dining restaurant (Christopher's or T. Cooks etc) and ask to buy some straight out of the kitchen.

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        Becketts might be good for that. they do a foie app that is housemade prep.

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          Might be too late, but the AJ's in Paradise Valley on Lincoln has whole duck liver in the frozen poultry section, along with pheasant, goose, etc. I think they are around $110.00 each. This is the only place I have ever found fresh foil gras in the PHX area. They definitely had it yesterday.