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Dec 20, 2012 11:19 AM

New York Style Pizza

Note: I did not put this on the Manhattan board since you really can get this pizza most anywhere these days.

I've had many styles of pizza: Neopolitan and Roman in Italy; artisanal in California; deep dish in Chicago; and all of these styles in many other places than their birth places. I even make a pretty decent homemade pizza myself. That said, every once in a while (like today) I get such a craving for New York Style pizza. Down and dirty; undercooked; overcooked, no toppings; 1/2 peperoni, 1/2 meatball. It's all good. No anchovies though, please. I really am not that picky about where it is from either. But when I want New York style pizza, there's nothing else that can fill that craving. I guess it is because it is the pizza I was brought up on. Anyone agree?

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  1. What's your definition of New York style, ttoommyy?

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    1. re: Perilagu Khan

      I guess I am assuming when I say "New York Style" people know what I mean. Sorry. Here's the Wikipedia definition:

      and I've attached a picture of what I think is typical of a NYS pizza.

    2. I love pizza. It is amongst my favorite foods - may even be my favorite. On average, probably about 5 of the roughly 14 meals I eat a week is pizza - dine-in, takeout, delivery, homemade, I partake and enjoy them all.

      The crazy thing is, I don't really get cravings for a particular style of pizza, nor do I crave particular toppings. Just about any type of pizza will do. I will, however, agree that New York style is one of my favorite types. Neapolitan is certainly my favorite.

      Tonight, I'm making a pan pizza for dinner.

      1. YES...!!! ex-Brooklyn & /New Yorker(West Village ,UWS & Bronx) here.
        Your pic is perfect and has started the craving again,but sadly,Seattle has mostly the chains/sponge-type crusts or the
        over-priced and over-cooked/charred "artisanal" wood-fired,brick oven dreck that tastes like wood smoke.